Daily devotional 11/09/2014- Forgiveness to The Sun


Did you know there are approximately 92, 960,000 miles(149,600,000 km) between the sun and the earth?

One of the fastest earth based planes is the SR-71 which at maximum speed travels at about 3x the speed of sound. Traveling at 2283.6 MPH it would take the the SR- 71 Blackbird about 1,695 days to reach the sun.

Why am I throwing all these numbers out at you? What’s the purpose and what does it prove? Let’s say that the distance between the sun and earth is what Jesus has forgiven each one of us, yet we are reluctant and hard pressed to forgive each other even 1 foot.


Why is it that it’s so easy to receive forgiveness and acceptance but so hard to forgive others of even small matters.

Jesus says- “And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

Jesus was willing to leave the comfort of heaven and come to this world; darkened and decaying under the awful weight of sin to demonstrate His own forgiveness to us.

He came, lived, and died the death that He did not deserve that we by His glorious merit could, at His coming receive the life of the sinless, which we do not deserve.

Yet, often we cannot over-look some of the most insignificant transgressions of our fellow man.

I want to tell you a story about a Jewish man named Simon Wiesenthal. He lived during the time of Hitler and the Nazi organization.  As you can imagine this wasn’t the best period of time to be a Jew.

He and 89 of his relatives were imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps. He survived however his relatives weren’t so fortunate.

After enduring many hardships, he finally came face to face with a Nazi soldier on his death bed. He confessed he did inhuman things to Jews and felt horrible about it.

He explained that if Simon could forgive him he could die in peace. This soldier was really pouring out his heart hoping for one big sigh of refreshment from the loving words of Wiesenthal.

After hearing all that the soldier had to say; after hearing the agony in the voice of this heavy laden warrior; after the sobbing and begging, Wiesenthal replied “At last I made up my mind” and exited the room without another word.


Isn’t it amazing to think, Jesus is willing to forgive all of our direct trespasses against heaven but we can’t even let go of indirect hatred towards our fellow man.

Some of you may be saying I would have forgiving the soldier, yet everyday more and more christians sever ties with their brothers/sisters in Christ over the most petty things.

Small disagreements, mean looks, position, selfishness, tiny offenses, and so many things that we could overlook, forgive, and put to the side and be reconciled to one another in fervent, brotherly, love.

I just want to encourage you today to ask Jesus to make His wonderful character apart of your everyday life and that He would light your path to forgiveness and brotherly love, for this is my earnest prayer.


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