Lesson on humility and the power of God


Oppression of The Multitude

In the days of Gideon, Israel was oppressed by many nations for their disobedience to God and constant backsliding, but God so loved Israel that when they humbled themselves He’d raise a judge to deliver them. In this particular lesson, the nation was Midian’s vast and powerful army. Judges 7:12 says they were with as many camels as the sand by the sea(meaning a lot of camel and men).

Many are Called; Few are Chosen
Interestingly enough, Gideon’s army began with 32,000 men. The Lord told Gideon this is far to many they’ll begin to think they got the victory with their own hand( cf Judges 7:2) Church history shows us that a lot of times when there is a great increase in the church and powerful works are being done as a result of the resources available, the people of God begin to become a little self-righteous and within themselves begin to think their good works will earn them a place of favor with God. God wanted it to be understood without a shadow of a doubt, it was indeed Him who delivered them from their oppressors, so He commanded Gideon to send 22,000 of his soldiers home which left him with 10,000 soldiers still.

Gathering the Wheats & Tares
The Lord again said to Gideon, nope, you got too many here, I need the most obedient & humble of servants to carry out My will and deliver my people from the hands of anguish(paraphrasing) So the Lord tested the soldiers by the water and made a divide between the soldiers that lapped water like a dog( humble christians) and the ones who would only fall to their knees to drink( prideful christians). Of those, 300 soldiers, lapped water like a dog; the remaining 9,700 soldiers drank from their knees to drink (cf. Judges 7:4-5)

The Awesome Saving Grace of God
The 9,700 prideful soldiers were sent home and God used 300 men of lowly hearts and humble obedience to conquer the uncountable multitude of the wicked by the hand of their own swords. There are a few morals to this story. The most important is serve the Lord with reverence and trembling, with all humbleness and you’d be amazed at the wonderful and great things He can do
through you for His kingdom.