How to get over heartbreak from a close friend


How to get over heartbreak when it’s from your closest friends? The ones you thought had your best interest in heart.

How could they be so thoughtless and inconsiderate of your feelings. Today we’re going to look at some guidance right from the bible to better help us understand how to deal with these sticky and usually painful situations.

We will also take a look at some powerful bible verses on forgiveness. Our goal today is to help you have a spirit-filled outlook on one of life’s most devastating situations.

How to get over heartbreak

A brief story for you.

Nettie Gibson of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, was expecting a normal day when she left her house around 8:00 A.M.

She didn’t think she would be blindsided by a 63 year old elderly lady who had one too many drinks. If you’re wondering how many drinks are too many the answer is 1.

Caught in the most awkward position of one leg being pinned between the dash and front seat, Nettie drifting in and out of consciousness as the firefighters made a daring attempt to rescue her from her almost certain doom.

Nettie was certain that this was the end for her. She even asked the nurse to give her son a good-bye letter.

After 10 hours of emergency surgery, nearly losing her right foot, and having her right arm broken; it was determined Nettie would live.

It would have taking most of us a lot of bible verses on forgiveness to even consider forgiving someone who has hurt us in our prayer life, but let’s see how Nettie handled it.

Let’s see how to get over heartbreak from Nettie’s perspective. She tells us that it even hurt to breathe for a few weeks, and it was over that span of time that she found out that the driver responsible for her world being turned upside down was under the influence.

It was this along with losing her job that drove Nettie into a state of depression.  She began to see a therapist

If anyone Nettie should be able to write a novel on how to get over heartbreak.

The first step recommended by the therapist was to admit she was angry. The next step was learning to let it go and forgive.

The bible is filled with bible verses on forgiveness. Maybe the therapist was a christian. Although that wasn’t mentioned it truly is a christian perspective to realize what’s the source of your heartbreak and forgiving the person responsible even if that person is yourself.

On the court date seeing how frightened the 63 year old highway bandit looked filled her heart with conviction and she approached the public defender of the elderly lady and asked him to tell his client that she was forgiven.

Nettie describes the filling of forgiveness as if a huge sense of relief. This gave her the peace of mind to begin speaking publicly to other victims of the same situation. She has truly exemplified how to get over heartbreak.

Just like Nettie many times we find ourselves in a dilemma. Someone has hurt us and bad. This person that hurt us isn’t a stranger or an associate, no, instead it’s someone very near and dear to our hearts; else it wouldn’t hurt so bad.

What should we do? Do we completely shut them out of our lives or do we try to hurt them back? Maybe if we can give them a double-dose of the pain we received they’ll get what they deserve and I’ll feel better. Let’s see what exactly the bible says about this touchy topic.

Bible verses on forgiveness

Bible Verses on Forgiveness

What a powerful opening verse to look at how to get over heartbreak.

It was Martin Luther King, Jr. that said “ Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

In like manner, walking in the counsel of the wicked and doing as they do will not help us to recover from the pain we feel from being wronged from our loved ones.

Often we try to hold it in or try to avoid dealing with the matter or person that is causing the agony in our lives. However this never truly fixes the problem(s).

Instead it prolongs the issue and normally it ends up resurfacing at a later, most inconvenient time.

“So what do we do?” you may ask.


How to get over heartbreak

The first step is to let them know that they’ve done you a disservice and how it made you feel.

This won’t always change the person’s way of thinking, but it will take a load of stress off your shoulders.

Surprisingly enough, most people aren’t even aware that’ve hurt you. At least to the degree that the pain has affected you.

You would be amazed how many people hurt other people unaware or either in a response to cover their own hurt.

What is our best defense in learning how to get over heart break?

Bible Verses on Forgiveness

Our best defense for war against hurt and embarrassment is to arm ourselves with the two-edged sword of truth.

I’ve ran across christians that have said “I don’t have time to run to the bible for every little thing.” I always think to myself my word, they must be fighting an uphill battle spiritually.

I run to the bible about every little thing. That along with prayer makes a world of difference.

I especially run to the word for bible verses on forgiveness as it’s one of the hardest feats for the human heart.

If you are a christian then forgiveness has to be a priority in the process of how to get over heartbreak.

We must remember how we hurt Jesus, and the sins He bore on the cross were not His own.
How to get over heartbreak

With life being drained from His body and his accusers taking delight in it Jesus didn’t say “Curse you, I should have never given up my life for you if you’re going to be that way.”

Instead He forgives them and prays that His father will also forgive them.

This type of behavior is mind-blowing to the world because it’s not of the world, but of God.

The Lord looks on us to become wiser than the world and its way.

A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.  Proverbs 19:11

For issues too small sometimes the best course of action is to simply overlook someone else’s wrong doing.

I know it can seem hard but try to think of all the small sins you’ve committed and God says “and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.(Hebrews 8:12)”

I know the concept can seem difficult but just give it a try.

The word of God calls for us to have self-control and to be long-suffering with tender hearts.

We should bare with each other when we are in error and gently restore one another when we lose our way(2 Timothy 2:24-26).

I could go one all day about this topic but it’s more important that you understand the concept.

I earnestly pray that these bible verses on forgiveness have motivated you to have a Godly love for people even when they’re not so loving.

I hope it is perfect edification for the spirit that dwells within you, and that it fluently shows you how to get over heartbreak.