Bible Study Topics- Is Jesus Real For Real?


Hello everyone, Today for bible study topics we’re going to try to topple the difficult question ” Is Jesus Real For Real?


We’re going to try to shine the light on the very essence of the character of God and provide biblical answers to some thoughts that no doubt come up in the minds of many.


I remember growing up in a religious home in Alabama it was almost unheard of to say you don’t believe in Jesus and the gospel surrounding Him.


Some of you are without a doubt saying “that sounds great”, yet others are saying, “this  sounds like more control from Jesus freaks”. 


There are some -Good- things about growing up in the bible belt states but there’s also a great risk of becoming traditionally religious but never having a true relationship with Jesus. 


This happens often. This brings me to my next point; when you begin to walk out of the comfort of your christian home you sometimes discover that not everyone shares your believe in the prince of peace and his life changing call to action.


In fact, you’ll find out some don’t know about the gospel message. You’ll even find a few that don’t care to know. 


For a Christian dedicated to Christ this is a heart breaking shocker. 


I want to bring these lost sheep back to the fold but then a realization hits; that even though I was raised in a religious home I had no idea how to do what Christ asked all those called by His name to do.






Do you now understand my plight ?


I knew how to go to church on Sunday and say praise God but I had no idea of how to answer those difficult questions that some of my new agnostic and atheist friends had about my faith.


Friends, not to be misunderstood, I still don’t have all the answers, but God has shown me many wonderful things since then and I’m always so eager to share them.


We don’t want to leave anyone behind if we can help it. No lost sheep out of the Kingdom of Truth.


Imagine my surprise when getting questions like ” Where is God today if he loves us so much?” or  “Why didn’t God save my aunt?” and my only response is ” I can’t believe you guys don’t believe in God 😦 ” but why should they?


What reason had I, a man of God, responsible for the message of Mark 16:15, given them weaned of little to no spiritual milk, to  believe in the wondrous love of the Almighty Father.


This made me hungry for answers. More than my pastor was giving in Sunday sermons. More than my mother and grandmother gave me as a young lad. 


I begin to recall how when I was smaller; my dear granny would take time out to read the bible with me and my little sister, and how I was so amazed by what I heard. The stories of Moses & Jonah.  


The pictures of Jonah being eaten by the fish and the stories of Jesus walking on water. This is how God lead me to a personal revival of my spirit. 




This is what rekindled my fire and encouraged me to open the good old kjv and start looking for answers and amazement again . 


Today, in this entry to bible study topics, I want to answer some question that will hopefully show you without a doubt that Jesus is real for real. 


Question #1: 


If there is a God, why wouldn’t he create the perfect world for us?


Now some of my Christian friends are without a doubt saying they should open a bible for themselves, skeptics are just ungrateful, and they should just be thankful God wakes them up every morning.


While I do agree it is an AWESOME & WONDERFUL thing that God does wake us up in the morning and it’s by His grace that we are able to survive on a day basis, however,  I think it’s marvelous that they’re still asking questions.


I think it’s truly a testimony to how the spirit of God marvelously works in our day to day lives. Now to answer the question(sorry).


God did indeed create a perfect world for us. In Genesis chapter 1 alone the word GOOD is used by God a perfect 7 times.


In Genesis 1:31 it says God looked at everything he made and said it is indeed very GOOD.


Our first parents chose of their own free will to disregard the perfect government of God and obey the devil thus we became his servants.


Don’t you know that to whom you present yourselves slaves o obey, whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness. Romans 6:16




Question #2:


“If everyone is loved by God, why are non-believers hell-bound?” “Not all non-believers have been exposed to Christ. “


It is realized that some people may have or will die never getting a chance to understand the Gospel message, and I think God knows how to hold everyone accountable based on the truth they were exposed to.


Therefore , to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. James 4:17


And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14


Take note that the Lord promises everyone will have a chance to accept or deny the Kingdom before the end comes.


He had by Himself purged our sins, Hebrews 1:3.

Nahum 1:9 Affliction will not rise a second time.


God has promised to put an end to sin permanently. Unfortunately some won’t accept the blood of Christ and have their sins washed away.


Doesn’t mean God loves them any less but God wants to restore a sin-free universe where He can dwell with us again. 


God wants to restore the perfection of Eden before the disease of sin spread. 


The bible depicts God as a consuming fire and no wickedness(sin) can stand in HIs glorious presence. 


So unfortunately to cleanse the universe of sin He also has to cleanse the universe of  sinners.


You know the bible is a book of many stories and if you study it carefully you’ll notice that one of those stories through the entire bible is God wanting to dwell with men again. 


Think about the children of Israel in the wilderness and the tabernacle which allowed God’s presence to be amongst the nation of Israel.


Look at the story of Jesus. “And He shall be called Immanuel” meaning God with us. 


As sad as some of us will be to see people separated from God eternally it grieves God much more and Satan feeds on that.


Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9.




Is this starting to make sense now? Hopefully this entry of Bible study topics is becoming quite a blessing for you, and hopefully you’re beginning to see the answer to that age old question “Is Jesus real for real?” 


I think we have time for one more question and I’ll try my best to pick a good one. I think I have just the question in mind.


Our Final Question:


Why do we seem like we are being played by puppets by this ‘God’ you speak of? Also why worship this puppet master?


This one is very simple to answer. If God was using us as puppets then none of this would have ever transpired. There would be no Controversy for the ages between good & evil.


The fact is we’re free to do whatever we want. You are free to choose your own master.


You can either choose God and learn to abide in perfect love and Holiness or you can choose the world and yourself(a.k.a Satan) and sadly suffer the fate of this world and its master.


I hope this article ” Bible study topics- Is Jesus real for real” has been a breath of fresh air for you. I hope you learned something today. 


I hope you were challenged in someway. No matter if you are a Christian, skeptic, agnostic, or atheist. 


I’d love to hear from you sometime please feel free to reach out to me. Ask questions maybe answer some of mines.


God Bless


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